Press release: Candidacy Announcement


For Immediate Release: May 6, 2014

Charlie Kennedy Announces Candidacy for School Board

Bradenton, FL – Today, Bradenton resident and Manatee High School teacher, Charlie Kennedy, filed his candidate papers to run for School Board of Manatee County, District 2.

Kennedy has been an educator for 10 years.  Prior to working at Manatee High, he was on the faculty at The Pendleton School in Bradenton and YouthBuild Public Charter School in Washington, DC.

Kennedy’s points of emphasis during the campaign will include:  a renewed focus on early childhood education, a common sense approach to district properties and their proposed sale, a more hands-on role for school board members in supporting classroom teachers, and ensuring that we prioritize school spending directly on students and classrooms, without raising taxes.

Kennedy feels passionate about being a positive influence in the lives of the young people of Manatee County.  Manatee schools are recovering from a tumultuous period, one that was no fault of the students.  He wants to ensure that the diverse student body of Manatee County has an advocate in the school board’s deliberations and decision making to meet their current needs and their goals for the future.


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