Saving Millions on Health Care

Teachers, would you like to be healthier, happier and have more money in your paycheck?    re: Health insurance policy for school district…. at last night’s budget workshop, I asked the board to consider the idea of not only being self-insured, but also self-administering our own health plan for employees.It would be a long-term project, and would require the help of a Citizens Advisory Group of local experts. However, we could save millions of dollars per year by cutting out Blue Cross/Blue Shield – who we pay tons of money to for admin’ing our claims and for the use of their doctor network. Those millions saved would mean lower premiums for school employees, which would mean more money in our paychecks.It’s a big idea, with many moving parts and details to explore, but it’s time to think long-term about faculty/staff pay and benefits – and how to improve them.Mr. Gause, later in the workshop, requested the Health Insurance Committee contact all board members, as had previously been requested, and Supt. Mills said he would make sure that happened.   –



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