METV/Bradenton Herald Forum

Questions and time stamps of my responses are below the video. Thanks for taking the time to watch our candidate forum.

Opening statements: 3:48 – 5:14

“What skills and experience would you bring to the school board and education leadership?” 5:24 – 7:30

“Concerns over spending priorities and practices in the district have been mounting for years. As such, public trust taken a beating for a long time with budget deficits and wrongful spending. How can you as a board member continue the task of rebuilding public trust that has begun under the new administration?” 12:04 – 14:02

“The budget for the next year looks bright, brighter than in years past, with the draft plan reaching the state-required reserve minimum. What are your thoughts on this budget and future district spending? 14:14 – 15:49

“What are your views of the academic progress in test scores and school grades and what do you propose to improve education? 20:22 – 21:48

“What are you thoughts on Common Core and the implementation of that program in Manatee County schools?” 22:04 – 23:20

“Is Supt. Rick Mills and his administrative team leading the district in the right direction? And what would you do different, if anything?” 27:41 – 29:48

“What concerns do you hold about the current direction of the school board and direction should it take under your stewardship?” 30:00 – 31:12

rebuttal to response – 33:22 – 34:33

“What specifically would you do to boost teacher morale?” 34:50 – 35:57

closing statements 37:28 – 38:55

rebuttal to Mr. Jones closing remarks 41:00 – 42:19


2 responses to “METV/Bradenton Herald Forum

  1. Who made the decision to hire Charles Clapsddle as the station manager? The Board of Director? He is a high school drop out from greater London, has been convicted of a serious crime in Alexandria, VA, and has falsified his resume and past experience. Were any of these facts disclosed on his application for employment? If in doubt, follow just one of these threads: Ask him where he attended college and search to see if that college even exists, or ever has.

  2. Del,
    I can’t speak to the details of Charles’ life or METV because they are a separate entity from the school district. The school district donates space to METV but that is the extent of our relationship.

    You may want to contact METV, or their board of directors, to raise your concerns.

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