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 Election day – Tuesday, August 28  / DONATE online here: 

Thank you for visiting my web page.   In November 2014, I became a member of the School Board of Manatee County.   My term expires in November 2018.

charlie kennedy school board

I will continue to use this page to update my social media links on the right side of the page for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook updates.

Please feel free to comment with your concerns or questions you have for me.   You can also reach me at my school board email – kennedy2c at manateeschools *dot net*.  (ignore the *s)

I am proud to serve the citizens of Manatee County and, most importantly, the young people in our schools who provide us with energy, happiness and hope for the future.

DONATE online here: 

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Kennedy for School Board – Manatee County, District 2
Treasurer, Lisa Ramirez