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Thank you for visiting my web page.   In November 2014, I became a member of the School Board of Manatee County.   My term expires in November 2018.

charlie kennedy school board

I will continue to use this page to update my social media links on the right side of the page for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook updates.

Please feel free to comment with your concerns or questions you have for me.   You can also reach me at my school board email – kennedy2c at manateeschools *dot net*.  (ignore the *s)

I am proud to serve the citizens of Manatee County and, most importantly, the young people in our schools who provide us with energy, happiness and hope for the future.

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19 responses to “Welcome

  1. Dear Mr. Kennedy,
    Congratulations on your school board win! I voted for you based on the fact that you are a teacher IN the classroom AND on your response to the question about Common Core / Florida Standards.

    I am forwarding you an article about Lee County’s decision by their school board to

    I, as a parent of 2 students, am very much opposed to the Common Core / Florida Standards testing
    and I plan on opting my children out on testing day.

    I strongly recommend that you take a good look at CC / FS and follow Lee County’s lead.

    Please read the follow news article:

    Thank You

    Paula Maffei

  2. Paula, thanks very much for sending this article. As soon as I get a chance to get caught up on my school work (grading student work mostly) I will start looking into this over the weekend.
    I had read a couple of weeks ago (via Diane Ravitch’s twitter) that Lee County was considering this option. There does seem to be a wave of CC opt-outs about to hit. Incredible that one of our own is now going there. After I get a chance to research their legal basis and reasoning, I’ll let you know how I think it could work in Manatee County. Thanks again for getting in touch.

    • Dear Mr. Kennedy,
      Thank you for replying back to me. I really hope that teachers and school board members will do their homework and vigorously research Common Core (also known as The Florida Standards) and not blindly accept it just because of the money that is tied to it. Hard to do I know, but it must be done.
      Please read the following article: http://mycommunitysource.com/allentown/millstone-parent-rejects-common-core/
      and also please check out the website founded by Kathleen Jasper, a former teacher and education administrator: http://conversationed.com/

      As I have stated before, my children will NOT take the CC/FS test. As a teacher, you also will be just as much affected by this program as the children will.

      Thank you for serving your community and I hope you will do your research into these standards. Read: ” The Cult of the Common Core ” by Brad McQueen (who was a teacher and who participated on committees reviewing the Common Core test) and “Children of the Core” by Kris Nielsen (also a former teacher who is now fighting the Common Core standards).

      Paula Maffei

  3. (Mr, Kennedy, I want to keep you in the loop, as I am concerned Mr. Mario Mendoza, my former principal at Wakeland Elementary, is not taking this issue seriously. I resigned from the school in December because of a health issue. I am not asking for anything other than to be heard.)

    Here is my last email, sent yesterday:

    HELLO Mario,

    Let’s pull up our sleeves and get to work:

    1) When you “hired” me in June of 2014, you asked me to ignore and not attend any other interviews for other schools. You mentioned something about circumventing the “rules” because the gears of Manatee County Schools (MCS) move slowly. Many, many schools called and I ignored them, because you asked me to do so. That should have been a red flag about your professional integrity. (Please don’t embarrass yourself by denying this, I have evidence that will only serve to harm your professional image even further.) And lets be honest, your job is already in jeopardy. You’ve driven the school into the ground and you know it. I don’t need to state statistics. Three consecutive years of declining school grades… since you took the helm, interestingly enough. Plus, I worked for you… I have empirical evidence.

    2) I printed the original job posting from the MCS website and it mentions 30 hours of mandatory PYP training for ALL new teachers to Wakeland. Not only was I not given that training, when I asked about it, Mrs. Berg said it wasn’t going to happen, ever. Due to budgetary constraints or the fact that I participated in a PYP training in the spring of 2007. Nearly 8 years previously and in a foreign country. Does that constitute a breach of contract? You bet it does.

    3) You mentioned multiple times you would give me the help I needed to succeed. You said two weeks worth of training, like others received earlier in the year would be given to me as well. Sadly, that never materialized. You prioritized a female teacher, fresh out of college over me, despite my pleas for help. Even after her training had completed, I still got nothing. Did you know I was on the same pay scale as this new teacher? Of course you did. MCS did not recognize my previous 9 years experience, because they felt I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to deserve a higher rate of pay. Again, don’t embarrass yourself by denying it. I have sufficient evidence to prove this. Didn’t another fifth grade teacher (Ms. Einstein or something similar) get one month of this type of assistance last school year? Why not me? Was it because I asked for it too often? Were the learning walks supposed to be a replacement?

    4) Why did you refer to my new 5th grade team leader, (name redacted), as ” a reluctant team leader?” Yet another red flag I should have picked up on. In lieu of any formal training offered by the county or the school, how was I to learn? Again, please don’t deny this, honesty is the best policy, and voicemail lasts forever.

    5) omitted for now

    6) Who taught Greg Sander the “tough love” approach to administration? You’d think a guy whose wife was suffering in a similar way as me would have empathy. But then again, she was a she, in a female dominated workplace and probably got a lot more support. It was Mr. Sander’s, “Nobody wants to help you because you are too vocal and probably won’t be here next year.” soliloquy that really sent me downhill. Thank god he is not a principal, and thank god others at MCS feel the same.

    7) Why was it OK for Mr. Sander to say he applied and was rejected for a Principal position at anther school, but I couldn’t voice dissatisfaction? Why was it OK for (name redacted) to constantly mention the new PYP schools opening in Pinellas County (where her mother works) and her desire to work there, but I couldn’t voice my displeasure? Why was it OK for Shana Berg to mention her husbands connection to a private school and her desire to “jump ship” next year, but I couldn’t voice my concerns over a lack of any training on math, science, reading, accomodations, pyp, testing, computer systems, student tracking tools, common core, computrized testing, etc.? Why was it OK for (name redacted) to resign from Wakeland in 2013 because she didn’t want to teach one certain child, only to get rehired again in 2014? Yes, I know she said she was moving… but come one… we know the truth. Disgusting.

    8) I will contact the Sarasota County Sheriffs Dept. tomorrow to determine who actually sent Officer (name redacted) to my home this evening. Talk about embarrassing. I’ve had to deal with many questions from my neighbors and HOA about this visit. I looked back at the emails I sent, and while depressive, there is not one mention of me harming myself. If you or someone else was so concerned, why not return the email and ask if everything is OK? Why not come to my address in person? Instead you call the police and waste their time? At 6pm no less… 18 hours later. Seems personal to me.

    I feel better having written this. It’s all part of a larger process. Feel free to answer these questions, or not. I suspect the latter.

    I was going to forward this to Mr. Rick Mills, but seeing he has asked to NOT have his contract renewed past 2017, why bother?

    Happy President’s Day, enjoy your day off.
    (name redacted)

  4. SW, is this just for me to have some background on something coming in the future? Or did you want me to pass this on to Supt. Mills and the Exec. Directors of Elementary to handle? Thanks for reaching out. I just want to make sure I handle this in the way you intend.


    • I don’t know what is coming, if anything. Legal consultation happening this week.
      Pass it along to whomever you think will be open minded and concerned with what is happening at Wakeland.

  5. I can do that but I would feel more comfortable if I could use your name. Either way, I’ll pass it on. Thanks again for reaching out.

  6. Scott Woodworth

  7. I can only be reached via the email on file at MCS, not via phone. Just wanted to let you know, in case anyone is trying to contact me.
    Thank you Mr. Kennedy for reaching out. Happy to see people in MCS who care about something other than themselves and careers.

    • Thanks Scott. My school email is kennedy2c at manateeschools

    • Welcome Mr. Kennedy. I truly hope you can make a difference in the school system and for the students. My biggest concern as a parent is the Common Core/ FSA.. The curriculum AND the testing. It is bad for our schools and bad for our students. Education belongs to locally NOT with the Federal government.

  8. Don’t worry Paula, there is very little training on CC. FSA on the other hand, it’s the only thing that matters from what I’ve seen. PLENTY of training for the kids and teachers on that one. Sadly, it isn’t about the kids learning anymore, it is about data. Your child has become a number tied to a dollar sign.

  9. Follow up, just to continue to keep you in the loop. This is the result of my legal consultation:

    “You can file a charge of discrimination with the Florida Commission on Human Relations, http://www.fchr.state.fl.us, click on the highlighted “employment” section under the blue “File a Complaint” tab, then click on “How to File”, and then click on the orange “TAQ Employment” box for the questionnaire you will need to complete, if you choose to go that route. Your focus should be on the differential treatment you received as a result of disability discrimination.”

    The wheels move slowly, but they move. Hopefully this info helps others as well.
    All the best,

  10. MIlls out? What a mess. I wish you would have helped me, as you promised to do. Instead, MCS has an EEOC and FCHR investigation and I’m still being treated like an untouchable. For what? Because I advocated for myself and asked for training/assistance? What a shame. Good luck with your “orderly transition.”

  11. you’ve never met an opponent like me.
    I only get stronger…

  12. don’t act like I never told you

    • Scott, if you look back at my comment to you on Feb 16 at 5:05pm, you’ll see I did exactly what I said I would do. I spoke to Supt. Mills, the executive director of Elementary who oversees Wakeland (Annette Codelia) and Mario Mendoza. After learning that they were aware of your complaints and were handling the matter, I let it go.

      I am sorry you feel you are being discriminated against. If that is the case, you should bring legal action against the school district. However, sending me thinly veiled threats at 3am isn’t going to help anyone. In the future, please address all correspondence to my school email – kennedy2c at manateeschools .net

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