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METV/Herald Tribune Forum

90 minutes of 7 school board candidates sharing their opinions and ideas.



METV/Bradenton Herald Forum

Questions and time stamps of my responses are below the video. Thanks for taking the time to watch our candidate forum.

Opening statements: 3:48 – 5:14

“What skills and experience would you bring to the school board and education leadership?” 5:24 – 7:30

“Concerns over spending priorities and practices in the district have been mounting for years. As such, public trust taken a beating for a long time with budget deficits and wrongful spending. How can you as a board member continue the task of rebuilding public trust that has begun under the new administration?” 12:04 – 14:02

“The budget for the next year looks bright, brighter than in years past, with the draft plan reaching the state-required reserve minimum. What are your thoughts on this budget and future district spending? 14:14 – 15:49

“What are your views of the academic progress in test scores and school grades and what do you propose to improve education? 20:22 – 21:48

“What are you thoughts on Common Core and the implementation of that program in Manatee County schools?” 22:04 – 23:20

“Is Supt. Rick Mills and his administrative team leading the district in the right direction? And what would you do different, if anything?” 27:41 – 29:48

“What concerns do you hold about the current direction of the school board and direction should it take under your stewardship?” 30:00 – 31:12

rebuttal to response – 33:22 – 34:33

“What specifically would you do to boost teacher morale?” 34:50 – 35:57

closing statements 37:28 – 38:55

rebuttal to Mr. Jones closing remarks 41:00 – 42:19